CTC Accreditation



Congratulations to the students, staff and community of Charlotte Technical College! CTC completed a site visit for their reaffirmation of accreditation from the Council of Occupational Education on Sept. 28th. Accreditation has two fundamental purposes; (1) to assure the quality of the institution or program, and (2) to assist in the improvement of the institution or program. The Council on Occupational Education is recognized as a national institutional accrediting agency.

The six member team led by Dr. Myra West, Director of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Livingston reviewed 20 programs and the following 10 Standards:

1 – Institutional Mission

2 – Educational Programs

3 – Program & Institutional Outcomes

4 – Strategic Planning

5 – Learning Resources

6 – Physical Resources

7 – Financial Resources

8 – Human Resources

9 – Organizational Structure

10 – Student services & Activities

Charlotte Technical College is proud to announce to our community that of the 20 programs and 10 standards evaluated, 19 programs and all 10 standards had no findings of non-compliance and no recommendations or suggestions for improvement. CTC was out of compliance in one program due in part to low membership in the program advisory board. The accreditation process includes the participation of community business partnerships in the support of each program. The business partnerships support the program by helping the instructor(s) with program review and by signing an employer verification form. The employer verification form is provided by the Council on Occupational Education and provides verification that we have community support for the program and potential employers that will hire our students into the workforce for which they are being trained.

We are looking for advisory members for our Digital Design I and II program advisory boards. Our Digital Design program is growing at CTC. We have added another digital design lab this year as we prepare students for employment in digital publishing positions such as Information Technology Assistants,

Production Assistants, Digital Assistant Designer’s, Graphic Designers, and Multimedia Designers. Students receive certifications in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and learn how to use these skills in website development and marketing/advertising. If you are looking to hire someone with these skills, we are looking for you to become a part of this program. If you own a business in Marketing, Design Publishing or Web Design and are interested in helping us to build a strong advisory board for our Digital Programs, please contact us at 941-255-7500 and ask to speak to Deelynn Bennett, Director.

Charlotte Technical College is surrounded by a wealth of program advisory members and affiliates. We thank you for your participation and support in assisting us to achieve what we have accomplished in this reaffirmation of accreditation for Charlotte Technical College. This was a monumental accomplishment and could not have done this without your dedication and commitment.

Much appreciation to Dr. Daniel O’Leary III MD, Tri-County Air Conditioning & Heating Inc., and Sysco for the generous donations in support of our opening Kick-off dinner event which took place at Laishley’s Crab house. Special recognition also goes to the Gettel team for providing shuttle transportation to and from the school during the team’s visit.