Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair – Dual

The purpose of this Automotive Service Technician program is to prepare students for employment or advanced training in the automotive industry. Shop and laboratory activities are an integral part of the program and include instruction in applied theory, the use of tools, equipment, materials and processes found in the industry. Diagnostic troubleshooting is emphasized in all areas of instruction.

This program has earned Master Certification from the National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation (NATEF). Outstanding students may qualify to participate in the AYES internship program.

Next Start Date: August 2018


High school student admittance is based on current academic course history,
grade point average, FSA scores, attendance record and faculty recommendation.

Automotive Maintenance Light and Repair teaches:

  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 1
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 2
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 3
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 4
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 5
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 6

*Direct Study can be used as necessary to provide credits as needed.

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Industry Certifications Offered in this Program


Workforce Accepted (Non-Articulated):

  • FADA (Florida Auto Dealers Association)

Program Length:

9 credits



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Program Number: 9504100

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