Game Simulation Animation Programming – Dual

The content of this program includes but is not limited to practical experiences in game/simulation conceptualization, design, storyboarding, development methodologies, essential programming techniques, and implementation issues. Specialized programming skills involving advanced mathematical calculations and physics are also integrated into the curriculum.

Next Start Date: August 2020


High school student admittance is based on current academic course history,
grade point average, FSA scores, attendance record and faculty recommendation. Students apply online through the CTC website – dual enrollment application.

Game Simulation Program Structure:

  • (A) Game & Simulation Designer, 300 hours, year 1
  • (B) Game / Simulation Programmer, 150 hours, year 2
  • (C) Game / Simulation Software Developer, 150 hours, year 2
  • Program Recommendations:

    This program is project-based and focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following rudiments of the game and simulation industry: production planning, elements of production design, storyboarding, elements of visual design, integration of digital audio and digital video into new game/simulation productions, programming for single and multi-user environments, delivery systems, and collaboration/teamwork. This program emphasizes the development of technical abilities as well as ethical and societal awareness necessary to function in a highly technological society.

Industry Certifications offered in this program

Adobe Animate Industry Certification ADOBE011

Adobe Photoshop CC ADOBE022

Program Length:

4 Credits (2 school years)


$57.00 each program*

Click here for a detailed cost sheet  *For Estimation Purposes Only. Prices Subject to Change.

ONET Government occupation information

Federal CIP Code:

  • Program Number: 8208300 / 8208100

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