Skills USA

This event was a career pathway competition that made a definite difference in the lives of our students as they showcased their work ready skills. Special CONGRATULATIONS to all of our sponsors and students who dedicated themselves to preparing for this level of competition.
A special shout out to Kim and Nancy as our Co-Sponsors for SkillsUSA.

It is because of our collective efforts in fundraising and all that we do at CTC that helped these students and advisors be able to participate and compete at all levels in SkillsUSA.


The following is our medal count:

12 Gold

7 Silver

9 Bronze

The following students will be participating in Nationals in June:

Culinary Arts

Aida Alvarado

Community Action Project

Raven Bass

Charles Daughtry

Employment Application Process

David Casanova

Health Knowledge Bowl

Jenelle Facey

Catherine Parker

Bricenda Anderson

Koneta Northup

Crime Scene Investigation

Athalie Lafaille

Raven Moore

Celine Wodka

Early Childhood Education

Dakota Ogle